Monday, 22 June 2015

popcorn story

WALT recraft our writing

My popcorn was ready ding ding ding. I get it out. The popcorn was so scalding my finger felt like it would exsplode. When I did it, it got covered in butter.
i could feel crumbled popcorn going down my trout 
i could touch hot steamy popcorn
it felt like i was burning ashes.
i felt like i was gonna blowup into
a bursting popcorn bubble 
ahh!my hands were
covered in bursting popcorn so obvious
that i would eat the scrumpshis cramped 
popcorn on my finger well i was eating i was eating popcorn i could taste a fire but with butter och och och mmmmm!
That smell of the yummy popcorn is delicious smell like nice creamy butter but taste like melted butter yummy I would never forget about this popcorn moment.

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