Thursday, 18 June 2015

dear harry styles

dear harry😍

I have a few big ideas about you that i know
so the first idea i know about is that you were born on
1st feb 1994 making you the youngest member of
the boy band the last idea is that your middle name 
is edward its really cool middle name to have❤️.

you have inspired me over the past yrs with your
good singing of yours funny so keep going the second one is how you 
Inspire fans you inspire lots of people
That's why you have million of fans 
Supporting you and the boys is well.

Things I would like to thank you for 
Getting the group together I hope
You keep doing the things you do,
Thanks for doing great albums you
Have the style like your last name ,
Thanks for making fans still stick
With 1D and all of us are so sorry 
About Zayn

I have many questions to ask?
The first question is how many 
Girlfriends have you had over 
The past years the second one
Is when you were little what did 
You want to be when you grew up
And the luck last one is have you 
Ever been in a car axisedent 

From bonnie carrington

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