Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My Measurement Maths Task!

WHAT: We have been learning about Measurement.

So what:  So this is my task i had to do,
we Had to go around the school and measure 
objects and make a Estimate then an Actual
Length and a diagram/Picture.

Now what: I want to improve on, is to 
Remember to write down (m) or (cm),
or usually Make sure Decimal points are 
added in the Right space.

Olympic Post!

What: We have been learning about the olympics.

So What: I now Know, That the ancient olympics have stayed in greece for a while,Something I enjoy learning about Olympics because i get to learn about who's playing sport for new zealand and also learning more facts about it.

Now What: A Sport i would like to compete in one day would be Rugby Because I like the 7s Rugby team and mostly Scoring Trys!!!.