Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My Measurement Maths Task!

WHAT: We have been learning about Measurement.

So what:  So this is my task i had to do,
we Had to go around the school and measure 
objects and make a Estimate then an Actual
Length and a diagram/Picture.

Now what: I want to improve on, is to 
Remember to write down (m) or (cm),
or usually Make sure Decimal points are 
added in the Right space.

Olympic Post!

What: We have been learning about the olympics.

So What: I now Know, That the ancient olympics have stayed in greece for a while,Something I enjoy learning about Olympics because i get to learn about who's playing sport for new zealand and also learning more facts about it.

Now What: A Sport i would like to compete in one day would be Rugby Because I like the 7s Rugby team and mostly Scoring Trys!!!.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Habitat Art/writing

WALT:Describe different habitats in new zealand and species that live in them.

SO WHAT:I did the Ocean habitat my features are on my art are sharks like great white,fish puffer fish,turtle the green turtle,mossy rocks,seagulls and more I'm most proud of about achieving my goal about drawing my sea creatures

NOW WHAT: The thing i would do differently is to do more collaging and add more colourful and different species of animals.

Friday, 20 May 2016

WHAT: we have been learning about Anzac Day and war
So what: